Rosie Bakemake

From my hands to yours.

Rosie BakeMake from my hands to yours

It’s time to free your temptation. At Rosie BakeMake we bake the most delicious cakes in the state of WA.

Order once and taste, you’ll get addicted to the sweetest taste in your life baked by a professional Pastry Chef.

Have you ever tried our rich & decadent Chocolate Keto Cake (CKC)?

Do you need something more special?

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Celebrations: Big and Small.

The Special Day

You will remember this day forever.

From Full-Service Planning to Wedding Day Coordination, we do it all.

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The Special Moment

Focus on what really matters and let us handle the rest.

Whether it’s an engagement party or a baby shower, we promise to make your event memorable and extra special.

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